About Healing Oils

Our Story

Are you scared of all the side effects of traditional medicine? 

Are you looking for pure and natural solutions to take care of your family? 

Or maybe, are you looking for some solutions to support emotional and mental health?

We have 3 kids and our desire is to raise healthy and happy kids! Like all parents, we want the best for our children. When I started using essential oils more than 7 years ago, I was amazed how quickly it was in relieving different sicknesses, like fever, flu, even warts!

So I began to study more about essential oils and how to use them in our family. The more I tried different oils, the more I trust these oils to use on my love ones and share with extended families and friends. Because I love my family, I care about their well being. I am so glad that 3 generations in our family use pure, natural, therapeutic essential oils…Yeah!

Why doTERRA?

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equally

The more pure the essential oil, the more powerful the results. Many essential oils available to purchase are not pure. Often, they contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity, thus diminishing the healthful qualities of the oil.

Global Sustainability

With over 100 essential oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 countries. This provides quality essential oils that are carefully grown and harvested in their prime environment, giving customers the highest quality essential oils in the world. 

How Do I Buy doTERRA?                                   

You have 3 options when buying doTERRA: 

  1. Retail Price - You'll spend full price on the oils. Honestly, this is not even worth it.

  2. Wellness Advocate Membership - spend $35 for a membership and then purchase whatever oils you would like at wholesale cost (25% off).

  3. Enrollment Kits - best way to purchase and below wholesale price!

With any of these options, there is no requirement to buy or place a minimum monthly order.

Start with an Oil Kit to Save the Most!

  • Buy an enrollment kit which includes the top used oils.

  • Wholesale pricing (25-55%) savings on all your oils all year

  • Your $35 wholesale membership fee is WAIVED! 

  • Your kit will be priced BELOW wholesale value!

  • No obligation to purchase each month. 

  • Free weekly wellness consultation to help give you oil protocols.


Our team is the largest international team in doTERRA!

Our leader, Kenny Anderson, is Double Diamond. He is dedicated to share with his team all the secrets to be successful.

Benefits of joining our team:

  • You get the best support in growing your business from successful leaders

  • You get support for over 40+ countries

  • You get weekly Zoom meeting to learn and ask questions

  • You get best training regarding both business and products